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We can print in spinnakers without adding nearly any weight.

1st  at World Championship 2001+2003+2004+2005 + 2006+2007+2008+2009+2010+2011+2012+2013+2014+2015+2016+2017+2018

World Championship 2018  BM Sails 1+2+4

All 9 races were won by BM sails !!! 

FDM-1. Allround mainsail.manufactured in hard tempered cloth.

This mainsail has a quite powerfull top, which flattens out when the mast starts bending,

and power no longer is needed.The special foot design ensure that the bottom of the sail can

be adjustet to all conditions.                                                                                                 dkk 6.630  € 889

FDM-3. Allround mainsail.manufactured tempered cloth.

This mainsail is flatter in the lower part than the FDM-1. This mainsail is designed on the

BM carbon mast, but fits other mast as well.                                                                          dkk 6.630  € 889

L-3: Light-medium genua manufactured in 3.8 oz hard tempered cloth

Windrange 0-8m/s                                                                                                                 dkk 5.330 € 715

AL-3: Allround genua.This genua is for crews who use one genua in

all conditions. Manufactured in 4.4 oz hard tempered cloth.                                                     dkk 5.460  € 732

M-2: Medium-Heavy genua manufactured in 4,4 oz hard tempered cloth

Windrange from 4 m/s                                                                                                         dkk  5.4600  € 732

SP-7: Allround Triradialradial spinnaker.(max. two colours)                                                    dkk  6185     €830

Multicolour spinnaker +10%

Carbon mast with fittings.                                                                                                    dkk 25875  €3473

Standard  rigging                                                                                                                  dkk 2950   € 390

FD sailbutton:                                                                                                                       dkk 190     € 25

Measurement (DSV/ DS)                                                                                                        dkk 165     € 25

All prices are ex.VAT ab.Lyngby.

Sails will be invoiced in DKK.

Many regards

Jacob Bojsen-Møller


B-M Mast:
We have in corporation with Selden developed a BM-mast for the FD. It is a round profile with a carbon track glued on for increased F/A stiffness.
The prototype has undergone early tests in Denmark and they revealed a very responsive mast. The top effectively depowers the main in the gusts, though the ratio "stiffness of top/stiffness of lower section" is not as extremely low as seen on some masts from down-under.

After the satisfying tests, we used the mast for the 2013 Worlds in Hungary, and indeed we couldn't blame the performance for not winning the championship. The mast fully met our expectations.

The sailing weight of the prototype is 8.0 kg, i.e. 0,5 kg below minimum weight. The production version will have a somewhat stiffer lower section and thereby come close to minimum weight.

Carbon mast with standard fittings

Standard rigging                           



Medemblik 7 m/s: The L2 genoa in 2nd hole enjoying the nice conditions. Mainsail is our FDM-1.

Our FD designs reflect the fact that - unlike during the Olympic period - the crews are no longer wearing 13 kg water ballast and the people sailing are no longer spending their spare time lifting weights in the gym.

Szabolcs/Andras and the Bojsen-Mollers testing the upper wind range of the L1 light wind genoa during a thunderstorm.

Photo: Casper Schaff

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Bojsen-Møller Sails i Nordsjælland er en professionel sejlmager, som tilbyder kvalitetssejl til konkurrencedygtige priser. 

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